Remy Report - March 2021

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Get Ready for Your Best Catch Ever!


We couldn't be more excited that Spring is right around the corner and fishing season will be here soon! Are YOU ready to land your best catch ever?

Now's the time to review your fishing inventory to make sure you have everything you need. Check your rods and reels and oil them if needed. Look over the line to make sure it will hold. Most experts suggest trimming and discarding at least a few yards of line every now and then. If you use a boat, make sure your engine is running smoothly and your battery is charged. And if you need a new battery, stop in at any Remy Battery location to see our full line of marine starting and deep-cycle batteries to start your boat and power your trolling motor, GPS, depth finder, live well pump, bilge pump or fish locator.

Call your nearest Remy location for more information or shop online now.

Remy Battery Milwaukee Rebuild Updates


Things have been very busy at Remy Battery working on getting our retail center in Milwaukee rebuilt and prepped to re-open this year! Currently we are in the process of having drywall, electrical, and HVAC installation completed. This is a huge step forward in the progress of our rebuild.

With the hard work of our contractors, our retail center is slated to be operational in a few months! Until then we are still running our store out of our warehouse building located at 4325 W Lincoln Ave one building to the west of the original store. We are still not currently able to do installations from our warehouse parking lot, but will return to full operations in our new building as soon as it is complete. Don't forget to keep following the Remy Report and our social media pages on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram for updates on our grand re-opening. We, as always, thank you for your patience as we rebuild. We can't wait to show you the new face of Remy Battery with all the great products, services, and prices you have come to know and trust.

Simple Tips for Longer Marine Battery Life


Turning off a boat motor doesn't stop the drain on your battery. Small things – like clocks or other appliances – continue to drain your battery if plugged in. Be sure to disconnect your battery when your boat is not in use.

Marine batteries work at their peak when the charge is maintained. Never store your battery in a discharged state.

Don’t over-discharge. It will shorten the number of discharge cycles your battery can tolerate and can seriously shorten your battery’s life.

If you haven't already, upgrade to a fully automatic, high-quality charger from Remy Battery to make sure you don’t overcharge your battery.

Don’t let your battery sit too long between uses. Marine batteries work best when their charge is maintained.

March 1, 2021
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