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Happy Holidays From Remy Battery!


In 1931, Mike and Margaret Zurich started Remy Battery. By the 1950s, the business had moved into our new building at 4301 W. Lincoln Ave. in Milwaukee. In those days, Remy manufactured and sold batteries to local individuals, families and businesses. We were known for quality batteries and fast, friendly service. Mike knew his customers by name and personally helped many of them with their battery needs. Margaret still handled the company’s bookkeeping — but with three daughters at home — she now had additional office help to keep things running smoothly.

Today, Remy Battery remains the same family-owned and -operated business, with our headquarters in the same location on 43rd St. and Lincoln Ave. We’re the second oldest family-run battery specialist in the country. Over the years, our business has evolved with the times. We’ve expanded into new products, markets and locations, while shipping nationally through our e-commerce site. Mike and Margaret Zurich might not recognize these new areas of the business, but they would be very proud to see we’ve carried on the family’s tradition of exceptional quality and service.

Is Your Vehicle Battery Trying to Tell You Something?


Do you know the warning signs of a vehicle battery nearing its end of life? While you won't always hear a cry for help, certain symptoms can mean that your battery needs attention, sooner than later. Look, listen and sniff for one or more of these potential warning signs:

1. Slow engine crank or clicking sound: When you attempt to start the vehicle, the cranking of the engine is sluggish and takes longer than normal to start. Or you may hear a clicking sound.
2. Dashboard warning light: The "check engine" light may appear when your battery power is weak.
3. Issues with electrical components: Along with powering the engine, your car battery needs to produce enough juice to run all the electronic components in your vehicle. If you’re experiencing issues, it could be the battery.
4. Dimming headlights: Watch if your headlights dim while your vehicle is idling. It could be a sign they're not getting the power they need from your battery.
5. Swollen battery case: If your battery is exposed to excessive heat or cold, the flat sides of the battery case may swell or bulge.
6. Unusual smell: When a battery has been frozen, overcharged or is shorted internally, the case may vent gas. If you detect a rotten egg scent under the hood of your vehicle, have your battery inspected as soon as possible.

Do You Have a BIG Amount of Snow to Move?

We are proud to be a component in the lead acid battery industry having the highest recycling rate of any consumer product. The Battery Council International (BCI) has conducted National Recycling Rate Studies which shows that lead batteries have a recycling rate of 99.3 percent. The near perfect rate of recycling is attributed to industry investment in a state-of-the-art closed-loop collection and recycling system that keeps 1.7 million tons of batteries out of landfills annually.

BCI has joined the EPA as the agency hosts its annual America Recycles Day Summit. They will host an Innovation Fair on November 16th showcasing advances in recycling, and will conclude with a summit on November 17 virtually. This event is free and open to the public.

While we extend the invitation daily, this November, we ask our customers to bring their old batteries in so that we can properly recycle them and keep them out of our landfills. We recycle most chemistries free of charge, and in some cases such as lead acid, we will even pay you for them. Stop in and walk out a few dollars richer, while helping the environment at the same time!


Remy Battery Can Help Start Your Favorite Winter Activity


For 89 winters Remy Battery has helped start the equipment that keeps the fun rolling in the winter. We have sold batteries for ski lifts, trail-groomers, snowmobiles, ice fishing shacks and even Zambonis! So if you are a skier, snow-mobiler, ice skater or like to fish on frozen water, Remy Battery can help you start your favorite winter activity.

December 1, 2020
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