Remy Report - March 2022

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Remy Report - March 2022

Remy Report - Let's start something!


Our Freshstart Battery Patent Was Approved By The United States Patent and Trademark Office!

Freshstart Packaging Solution

We are excited to announce that Remy Battery's patent 11,247,824 on a dry charged battery packaging/shipping solution was granted! You may be familiar with our Freshstart packaging already, but after a long process, our patent was given final approval.

This battery packaging solution was designed with the 6TL battery in mind. The 6TL battery is commonly used and relied upon by the United States Military all around the world. By the design of the kit, it allows for the battery to remain dry of acid for storage. When the battery is needed for use, it can be activated quickly and accurately with the items provided. A simplified, yet effective design to increase efficiency for the men and women of our Armed Forces. We are proud to be able to offer another facet of reliable battery technology to the people that need it in the harshest of conditions. For more information, please see our Freshstart website or see the patent approval here.

We're Taking Our Show on the Road

Plant & Facilities Maintenance Association Expo, West Allis, WI, March 16 & 17, 2022

Remy Battery will be exhibiting at the upcoming Plant & Facilities Maintenance Association (PFMA) Expo 2022 on March 17 and 18 at State Fair Park in West Allis, Wis. PFMA is the largest industrial trade show in Wisconsin and offers one-stop shopping for all of the products and services plants and facilities need. If you plan to attend, be sure to stop in at our booth to say hello. Learn more about this show.

Plant and Facilities Maintenance Association Expo

It's Hard to Believe but Spring is Right Around the Corner!

Is Your Boat, ATV, RV, and Other Toys Ready to Go?

Spring is knocking on the door, which for most people that means the start of taking road trips, spending time on the water, and just generally coming out of our winter hibernation. If your prep is starting off by taking your batteries off of a tender, you are already off to a great start! While battery maintenance devices will greatly help sustain the life of your battery, it is still a good idea to have your battery tested to ensure it isn't hitting the end of its life span. What better place to stop in to have it done than at your friendly neighborhood Remy Battery. It doesnt matter if it's a boat, car, ATV, motorcycle or any other battery, we'll check your battery and electrical system for free! Make sure that you aren't moving your vehicles at the speed of human power this summer. Stop in at any of our three locations to get some piece of mind and have your batteries tested by a Remy Battery expert.

GMC Pick-up towing a camper

Our Truck Took First Place!

Remy Battery brought our 1966 F-100 Police Interceptor converted truck with us to World of Wheels in Milwaukee. We had a great time talking with people about the truck and our future plans for it. We want to thank everyone who stopped by and chatted with us. We are thrilled that our truck took first place for the third time in a row in the traditional truck category! We have big plans for this truck, so next time you are stopping into our location at 4301 W. Lincoln Avenue in Milwaukee feel free to ask us about it. You can also expect to see us with our truck at many of your local car shows this summer!

Remy Battery 1966 F-100 Pickup, First Place!

Phot of an assortment of different batteries.

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