Remy Report - July 2021

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Remy Report - July 2021

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Remy Battery Completes First Article Testing on $43 Million Dollar US Government Contract

HUMVEE in action

Remy Battery was awarded a contract with the US Government to provide them with a maximum of 83,000 6TL type batteries per year. The contract is three year contract, plus has 2 one-year option years to provide the Government with dry charged 6TL batteries.

One of the many reasons why Remy Battery was chosen for this government contract is due to their innovative packaging solution. Remy's FreshStart is a patented, dry-charged battery packaging and activation solution that eliminates the storage of excess chemicals, reduces hazmat shipping costs, and allows simple and mess-free battery activation by a single individual.

"FreshStart is the all-in-one solution for those looking for the advantages of a dry-charged, lead-acid battery without the extra work to source battery electrolyte and dispose of any excess," Remy Battery President Michael Moeller said. "Our product solves a very real problem for the US military in a simple, hassle-free way."

Now that the first article testing has been passed Remy Battery can now start to ship the batteries to the Government. Remy Battery Government Sales Manager Kevin Fleischman says of the contract: "We’re excited! The US military has certain specifications that varied from any 6TL offered in the commercial market and we understood this. We’ve worked very hard with the battery plant and the DLA to see that our battery meets the expectations of the US Government's ATPD 2206 requirements and after 2 years, passing the FAT (First Article Testing) was the last hurdle before we begin shipping. At three to four truckloads a week, now the real work begins!"

Now that the batteries are entering the beginning stages for delivery, the first shipment will be sent out of the Remy Battery warehouse in the third quarter of the year and placed into the hands of our Soldiers. Remy Battery doesn't take the responsibility lightly and has been prepping for this expansion for the past two years. As a company that over the past 90 years proudly supports the troops and focuses on hiring Veterans, we can't wait to starting shipping and putting more quality equipment into the hands of the men and women of our Armed Forces!


You're Ready For Summer, But Are Your Batteries Ready For The Heat?

There is so much to do in Wisconsin and Upper Michigan during the summer months. Among all the stress and excitement of planning and going on trips, often we forget the effects that heat has on our vehicles.

If you have ever had to turn off your phone on a really hot day due to a displayed warning, you can understand the effects of heat on devices and vehicles. Unfortunately, many products do not give warnings and your battery feels the effects of working in sub-optimal conditions. Battery University states that for every 15 degrees Fahrenheit above the battery's recommended temperature, the heat reduces its battery life by half.

Many people experience the consequences of this in the winter months when the battery can no longer continue to operate as intended. This is not a manufacturer defect, but rather a consequence of the high heat we experience in the summer. We at Remy Battery, offer free battery testing and recommend that our customers come in while it is nice outside to avoid being stranded in the cold winter. There is no appointment necessary. Bring your battery in and we will test it for free. It can't get any more simple than that!

Recycling can containing various batteries within.

Tired of Your Old Worn Out Cables?

Remy Battery can design and assemble battery, power and ground cables to your exact specifications.

Did you know that Remy can make you custom designed cables? Whether you need cables for your car, boat, ATV, golf cart or any other vehicle, Remy has you covered! With hundreds of different options for connectors and lengths, we have the ability to make you almost any cable length and set up that your heart desires. Don't deal with frayed old wires!

Bring the old one in and we will replicate it for you or help create a custom option that better fits your needs. If you know exactly what you need, you can shop directly online and we'll ship it to your door!

Lead Batteries Prove Their Positive Environmental Impacts With Your Help!

Battery Recycling

As we continue into summer, Remy Battery would like to remind you to bring in your used batteries to help us continue to properly recycle them. The environmental impact of batteries is something that is very carefully monitored and is studied regularly. Recycling is so important to all of the battery industry in fact, we at Remy Battery will even pay you for your used batteries depending on the chemistry! If you have batteries that need recycling, please call or visit your local Remy Battery store for rates and information.

If you are interested in reading some of the studies done, The Battery Council International (BCI) hosts The Advancing Lead Batteries Communications Initiative (ALBCI) "Sustainable" fact sheet on their website. The fact sheet expresses how lead batteries help to slow climate change and effectively reduces greenhouse gas emission on multiple fronts. The lead battery industry is a leader in recycling, and the ALBCI provides statistics to support that claim. In this sustainable fact sheet, they provide links to case studies that illustrate the effect of lead batteries that we invite you to read. We can keep batteries out of our lakes and the recycling rate above 99% with your help! Call or stop into your local Remy Battery today.

Phot of an assortment of different batteries.

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