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Do You Know Walter?


Remy Battery is proud to be a sponsor to the 2021 documentary "Walter: The Missing Link" documentary. This film explores a historic Harley Davidson motorcycle truck, saved from its resting place in a horse barn, and is the last known in existence. As stated by the film makers, this is possibly the most important barn find of all time. The film also documents its life as a service vehicle, as part of Milwaukee's history, and the history of three wheel motorcycles. A trailer for the documentary can be found here.

We invite you to purchase tickets to the show and watch it with us! Remy Battery employees and guests will be attending the September 2nd showing at the Turner Hall Ballroom (1040 Vel R. Phillips Ave, Milwaukee, WI 53203) and we can't wait to see the finished documentary! There will also be three separate viewings in West Bend, Madison, and Cedarburg, WI. For dates, time, and more information visit the official website.

August is National Golf Month!


August is National Golf Month in the United States, are you ready to hit the links? Remy has all of the battery power that you need to keep your golf game in peak performance. We stock everything from golf cart and golf caddy batteries or battery cables for your cart.

If you have a custom cable need, we can do that as well! Either online or in store, we can cut almost any kind of cable and connectors that you could ever want! If you aren't too well versed in cables, it's not problem. We have battery experts standing by to help you through the process.

Earn an Average of $5 per SLI Battery!

If you have used vehicle batteries taking up space in your garage or business, drop them off for recycling at any Remy Battery location. We're currently paying $5 each per standard size auto battery.* We also accept NiCad, NiMH and Lion rechargeable batteries for free recycling.

* Payments may vary based on battery size.

August 1, 2021
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