Dog Training, Hunting, and Bark Control Collar Batteries

Welcome to Remy Battery, the go-to destination for superior-quality dog collar batteries. Our batteries power a variety of collars, including training, hunting, and bark control collars, ensuring your dog's safety and comfort while enhancing their learning and discipline.

Renowned Brands for Every Collar

Our extensive range boasts batteries from premium brands like PetSafe, SportDOG, Dogtra, and Garmin. These brands are globally recognized for their dependability and consistent performance, making them ideal for everyday use, dog training, hunting activities, and efficient bark control.

Performance and Fitment Above Par

At Remy Battery, we offer batteries that meet or exceed the original battery performance, fitment, and quality. With a perfect fit for your specific dog collar, our batteries deliver uninterrupted operation, crucial for effective training, hunting, and bark control.

Sustainable Power with Rechargeable Batteries

Sustainability is at the heart of Remy Battery. Our rechargeable, high-capacity batteries last longer and reduce the frequency of replacements, providing a greener, more convenient alternative without compromising performance.

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