ProTournament Elite3 240 4-Bank Battery Charger

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ProMariner ProTournament Elite3 240 On-Board Waterproof Marine Battery Charger

The ProMariner ProTournament Elite3 provides a competitive edge, getting you on the water first with power to last. Using advanced thermal modeling, its tri-surface aluminum heat sink delivers true-rated constant current charging amperage for the fastest charge times. Designed to last in harsh environments and certified to UL Marine 1236 while meeting new energy efficient CEC and DOE requirements. Built-in safety features including dual inline waterproof fuses, reverse polarity, over-temperature, over-current, over-voltage and ignition protection.

Full output 5-stage digital performance charging to charge, condition, auto maintain and storage recondition your batteries once a month, maximizing battery life and performance. 100% charging performance with AC voltage as low as 90 VAC. System Check OK and Check Battery indicators, Charge Mode LEDs and a dual mode battery status monitor displaying charge progress or on the water power remaining. User selectable charging profiles for Flooded, AGM and ProMariner approved LiFePO4 chemistries.

12V / 24V / 36V / 48V

System Voltage DC

24 Amp

Distributed On-Demand Output

4 Bank

Battery Voltage 12V / 12V / 12V / 12V

5-Stage Performance Charging Overview

Charge Profiles

Battery Type Condition Auto Maintain
Flooded (Lead Acid) 14.5 VDC 13.4 VDC
VRLA - AGM 1 14.7 VDC 13.6 VDC
VRLA - AGM 2 14.6 VDC 13.5 VDC
LiFePO4** 14.2 VDC 13.6 VDC

**Only charge approved LiFePO4 batteries - see manual for approved batteries and warnings.

Stage 1 - Analyze & System Check OK: During this stage the ProTournamentelite Analyze LED will pulse blue indicating it is analyzing all battery connections and ensuring each battery is capable of being charged. When completed successfully, the “System Check OK” indicator will illuminate green. This takes approximately 1 minute.

Stage 2 - Charge: During this stage the ProTournament elite Charge LED will be solid red and will use all of its available charging amps (as controlled by temperature) until the battery voltage is raised to the selected absorption voltage.

Stage 3 - Condition: During this stage the ProTournament elite Conditioning LED will be solid amber. During this mode batteries will be held at the selected absorption voltage to complete charging while conditioning each battery connected for up to 3 hours as needed.

Stage 4 - Auto Maintain (Energy Saver Mode): During this stage the Auto Maintain LED will be solid green, indicating it is monitoring and auto maintaining your batteries as needed to maintain a full state of charge. At this time, the blue Power LED, green System OK, green Auto Maintain and green Charge Status LEDs will remain on letting you know your batteries are ready when you are.

Stage 5 - Storage Recondition: During this stage the ProTournament elite will enter into its once a month Storage Recondition mode, illuminating its green LED. The LED will pulse indicating that while your batteries/ boat are in storage, the ProTournament elite is reconditioning all batteries for up to 3 hours once a month to extend battery life and provide maximum reserve power performance on the water.

For use with Group Size 24, 27, 29/31 Flooded Lead-Acid, VRLA AGM and LiFePO4 (approved) batteries. Not for use with large capacity (4D, 8D) batteries.

Charge Status AC Glow Plug

Red Glow Charging Indicator

Orange Glow Conditioning Indicator

Green Glow Auto Maintain Indicator

ProTournament Elite3 chargers feature an industry first LED Charge Status AC Glow Plug, that when connected to an extension cord outside your boat, illuminates 3 individual colors for charging, conditioning or auto maintaining your fully charged batteries.

More Information
Part Number 53244-PM
MPN 53244
UPC 0 31669 53244 1
Charger Application Marine / RV
Charger Mode Automatic
Charger Type On-Board
Amp Output 24A
Charger Outputs 4 Bank
Input Voltage 120 Volts
Output Voltage 12 Volt
Dimensions 7.1" x 3.2" x 13.4"
DC Cord Length 6'
CEC Compliant Yes
Warranty 5-Year
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