VTX30L-BS AGM Power Sports Battery

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Unleash optimal performance with the Voltz Power VTX30L-BS AGM Power Sports Battery, specifically engineered for high-demand power sports vehicles. This durable, maintenance-free AGM battery offers superior power, reliability, and longevity, perfect for motorcycles, ATVs, and more. Experience improved start-ups and extended battery life, ensuring you stay powered through every adventure. Ideal for riders seeking a high-quality, dependable power solution. Upgrade to Voltz Power and enjoy a battery that rides as hard as you do!.

The Voltz Power VTX30L-BS is a dry-charged user activated AGM (Absorbed Glass Mat) battery that is a direct replacement battery for select power sports vehicles. The VTX30L-BS is a high performance maintenance-free battery that will meet or exceed the specifications of the installed original equipment battery.

The supplied DOT approved acid container contains the proper amount of battery electrolyte needed for activating this battery. Continue reading for more information about activating the VTX30L-BS.








  • Meets OEM Specifications and Fitment
  • Engineered to protect against corrosion, withstand vibration and deliver high cranking power
  • Polypropylene cover and container - superior resistance in extreme conditions of cold and heat - more flexible than ABS material

What's Included?

Along with the VTX30L-BS battery you'll receive:

  • New Terminal Hardware
  • Battery Acid / Electrolyte
  • Installation, Activation, Maintenance and Safety Instructions



The Voltz Power VTX30L-BS will replace the following manufacturer part numbers:

44190, 15020456, 30CL-B-BS, 30LA, 30L-BS, ABP AETX30LA, CB30CLB, CB30L-BS, CTX30L, CTX30L-BS, DBETX30LA, ETX30LA, ETX30LAEX, IB30CL-B, IB30L-B, M7230L, MP30CL-B-BS, MP30CL-B-VS, MP30L-BS, TX30L, YB30CLB, YB30CLB, YB30CL-B, YB30LB, YB30L-B and YIX30L-PWB

Battery Activation Information

This is a sealed AGM battery that ships with a DOT approved acid pack. This battery will have to be filled / activated upon receipt. Filling / activation instructions are included - please carefully read and follow the instructions included with this battery. Failure to do so may cause serious injury.


Battery Acid / Electrolyte is a corrosive chemical that can burn, cause irritation, bodily harm, damage surrounding material / work surfaces and clothing. If you need assistance activating your battery, please contact us.

For more information, please read the Safety Data Sheet in the Documentation Tab on this page.

Battery Recycling

Remy Battery urges you to protect our environment and prevent batteries from entering our landfills. Lead Acid batteries are nearly 100% recyclable and have value. It is illegal to improperly dispose of lead acid batteries. To find a battery recycling location near you please visit: Earth911

Fill, Charge & Test

For an additional fee, Remy Battery will Fill (Activate), Charge and Check this battery prior to shipping. Upon receiving your battery, you won't have to worry about adding battery acid or charging the battery. We also perform a load test to ensure the battery is functioning properly. There will be a slight shipping delay when selecting this service.

More Information
Part Number VTX30L-BS
Battery Voltage 12 Volt
Cold Cranking Amps 280 CCA
Capacity 28 Ah
Battery Type Sealed Maintenance Free
Battery Chemistry Absorbed Glass Mat
Includes Acid Pack Yes
Acid Volume 55.5 Oz
Charge Current 2.8 Ah
Battery Length 6-9/16"
Battery Width 5"
Battery Height 6-7/8"

This battery will replace the following manufacturer part numbers:

  • YIX30L, CTX30L-BS, ETX30L and PIX30L-BS
Battery Upgrade

This battery is an upgrade for the following battery size(s):

  • YB30L-B and CB30L-B
Warranty 6 Months
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