Auto Meter BVA-350 Battery Tester


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The AutoMeter BVA-350 is a professional technician grade intelligent handheld battery tester and electrical system analyzer for 6 volt and 12 volt applications. 

Battery Testing

  • Tests flooded, deep cycle and AGM batteries rated between 100 and 1600 CCA
  • Capable of detecting discharged batteries, bad cells and reverse polarity detection
  • Battery test results include battery CCA, voltage, percent of charge and state of health.

System Testing

  • Starter draw test
  • Alternator output and voltage test


  • V-Drop Technology - AutoMeter's unique feature detects voltage drop in the charging circuit during starter engagement to ensure the vehicles charging and starting systems are operating at optimal performance. 
  • Automatically stores the last 100 tests
  • 30" - 16 gauge leads with professional grade clamps that are easily field serviceable
  • 64 character - 4 line LCD display
  • Optional infrared printer

More Information
Part Number BVA350
Battery Voltage 6 Volt, 12 Volt
Applications Automotive, Commercial
Battery Type Absorbed Glass Mat (AGM), Flooded, Gel Cell
Automated Load 40 Amp
Supported Language English, Spanish
Length 7.1"
Width 4.5"
Height 1.4"
Weight 1.3 Lbs
UPC 46074132629
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