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Are You Trick or Treating? Here's Some Halloween Safety Tips From Your Friends at Remy Battery


If you decide to participate in Halloween this year, Remy Battery wants you to have a safe and fun time this Halloween! In order to keep you and your kids safe, we have a list of the following safety tips:
Travel in groups, do not let your kids go out by themselves at night due to strangers and for safety precautions. Stay on well lit streets, do not go into ally’s or back roads where you’re unfamiliar, these can be dangerous.

  • Carry a flashlight with fully charged batteries to ensure that you have good visibility. Consider reflective tape as well. This can help ensure that you are visible to motorists on the road as well.
  • Wear comfortable footwear to handle all the walking. Although the shoes might not go with the kids costumes, make sure they are wearing the right foot wear, so that blisters and tripping does not occur.
  • Carry a fully charged cellphone for quick communication. Also consider carrying a portable battery pack in case your phone loses charge.
  • Watch out for already opened candy, do not let your kids eat any candy that appears to be opened or tampered with.
  • Try avoiding bulky costumes with no mouth piece and minimal eye holes.
  • Utilize much safer LED lights in your pumpkins rather than traditional candles for a much safer way to light up your pumpkins.

These tips are just the tip of the iceberg. Be sure to familiarize yourself with the safety plan that works best for you and your family. Follow these tips to have a safe, happy and fun Halloween!

Hunting Season Is Upon Us!


We are officially in the midst of hunting season. Both duck and bow season have had their opening weekend and rifle season is set to start next month.

Did you know that Remy Battery stocks not only chargers and batteries for your boat, ATV, truck, and camper; but can also bring some life back into your other gear? Whether you rely on a heated jacket, Trail Cameras, Two Way Radios, motion duck decoys and remotes, powered scopes, dog collars, or any other gear, Remy has the power you need to have a successful hunt! Shop online or visit one of your local Remy Battery stores before you head out.

It's Time Once Again to Fall Back! Or Perhaps Not This Year?

The weather is changing and it is officially fall! That means that Daylight Savings Time is planned to be ending. Something to be aware of this year, according to a legislation source Florida legislators are pushing to skip the time change this year due to COVID-19.

Normally this is the time to “Fall” backwards and set those clocks back an hour, but this year, we may stay on Daylight Savings until November 7th, 2021. If the legislation does not go through and the time change continues on its normal schedule, the change will occur at 2am on November 1st, 2020. Remember to add it to your calendar so you do not forget to double check!

This time of year, regardless if the change occurs, also means it is the perfect time to check those smoke alarm batteries. With all that cooking you will be doing this upcoming holiday season, you will want to ensure that your house has its smoke detector batteries up and running in case of emergency. While you are picking up batteries for your smoke detectors, do not forget to ask about maintainers and chargers to make sure your vehicles have healthy batteries and are ready to be taken back out for the next summer.


Do You Recognize the Symtoms of a Dying Battery?


Have you been having trouble starting your car in the morning? Slow cranks? It will not turn over right away? Takes a while to warm up? These are all things our technicians here at Remy can handle. With the weather getting only colder for the next few months, if your battery is getting old and showing these symptoms, it is likely on its last leg and only needs the brutal cold to finish it off. Did you know that a battery, which performs at 100% at 80 degrees, only performs at 50% in 0 degrees? Make sure you stop into Remy to get your battery tested on a cool fall day, rather than delaying and waiting until winter when your battery is completely dead. Taking some time now to have your battery tested, can save you and your family from being stuck out in the cold. The best part is, that Remy provides this service free on most applications! Stop on in, and see why our customer service and expertise have kept us in business for almost a century!

October 1, 2020
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