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Part Number FLUSH-2
UPC 728286954786
Battery Voltage 3 Volt
Capacity 2400 mAh
Battery Chemistry Lithium
Compatible Devices

Fuji CR8-LHC
Toto 37858, Eco EFV, TEL3GCCN-10, TEL3GCCN-60, TEL3GGC-10, TEL3GGC-60, TEL3GKCN-10, TEL3GKCN-60, TEL3GMY-60, TEL3GSC-10, TEL3GSC-60, TEL3GTCN-10, TEL3GTCN-60, TEL3GW-60, TEL3LGC-10, TEL3LSC-10, TEL5GCCN-10, TEL5GCCN-60, TEL5GGC-10, TEL5GGC-60, TEL5GKCN-10, TEL5GKCN-60, TEL5GSC-10, TEL5GSC-60, TEL5GTCN-10, TEL5GTCN-60, TEL5LGC-10, TEL5LSC-10, TH559EDV410R and TN78-9V310
Wallingford Sales 37858

Battery Replacement

Toto TH559EDV410R, THP3053

Warranty 6 Months
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