Remy Report - September 2020

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Remy Battery To Start Rebuild of Milwaukee Location


August is National Golf Month in the United States, are you ready to hit the links? Remy has all of the battery power that you need to keep your golf game in peak performance. We stock everything from golf cart and golf caddy batteries or battery cables for your cart.

If you have a custom cable need, we can do that as well! Either online or in store, we can cut almost any kind of cable and connectors that you could ever want! If you aren't too well versed in cables, it's not problem. We have battery experts standing by to help you through the process.

Has the Weather Taken Its Toll On Your Battery?


While the winter gets all of the attention for battery troubles, summer heat is really the culprit for degrading batteries. Hot temperatures accelerate corrosion inside your battery and cause the electrolyte to evaporate, which breaks down the battery grids. That means you face winter with a weaker battery that may be slow to start or won't start at all. Before you are left out in the cold this winter, stop in at any one of our three retail locations for a FREE battery check.

Would You Like a Free Bandana?

In the wake of everything happening in 2020, Remy Battery wants to offer a free bandana to our in-store and online customers. You can choose to wear it under your helmet, as a face covering, or any other way you can think of. As stated, the bandana is free of charge to you as long as supplies last. Remy Battery has you (and your face) covered this year! If you would like a bandana stop into any Remy Battery or ask your sales representative for one. If you ordered online with us in the past few weeks you likely already have one. Don't forget to show us how you use yours and tag us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter!


Meet Shawn!


If you own a business in the Escanaba, Michigan region you likely have met our newest Outside Sales Associate Shawn Drossart. Shawn has been with us since May, but it seemed high time to introduce him properly!

Shawn is originally from Escanaba, MI and graduated from Rapid River. He was raised in Lower Michigan and moved back to the Escanaba area last year. He is married and has 2 children. Shawn is a Military Veteran and served in the US Navy. When he isn't working to serve Michigan's battery needs, he is quite the outdoorsman. He likes to spend his spare time fishing, hunting, and riding motorcycles. When you see Shawn be sure to say hello!

September 1, 2020
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